Yes, she’s 4, and yes, she’s still breastfeeding.



normal, like breathing

This is Gabriella.  She’s my youngest daughter, and she turned 4 in December. 

Two weeks after her 4th birthday, Gabriella underwent a 3-hour craniofacial surgery to resolve a rare birth defect.  Two pediatric neurosurgeons and a pediatric plastic surgeon cut open my little girl’s head in an incision that wrapped from ear to ear.  They pulled her scalp and most of her face down, and scraped dermoid tissue from the bone between her beautiful eyes, reaching into the suture line to ensure my baby does not have to deal with the invasion of foreign tissue into her brain later in her life.

It took her a long time to wake up.  She ran a little fever in response to the anesthesia and the incredible shock to her system from having her face taken off.  Gabriella was so, so brave and compliant, letting the nurses adjust the tubes and probes…

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